Mylai Maa Munivar Guruji Sundara Ram Swamigal
Valli Malai Mouna Guru Swami
His Holiness Sri Siddheswarananda Bharathi took over the charge as the Peedathipathi of Mouna Swamy Mutt on 19/12/2002 in Courtallam.
Sri Sri His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sivachitanand Saraswathi Swami known as Mouna swami established Sri Siddheswari peetham in the year 1916.

Mouna Swami before establishing Sri Siddheswari Peetham has extensively toured all over India. Swami had meditated in Himalayas & had spent his valuable time with great sidha purushas spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Swami finally came down to Courtallam where he had established the Peetham in the year 1916.
Mouna Swami took silence as a vow. Swami took this vow that he will not speak after this incident narrated here. Swami attended all India Vedic conference held in Kashmir, where scholars from all over India were debating. A question was raised and was unable to arrive at a solution. Sri Mouna Swami who was not conversant about Veda answered the question, which was accepted by one and all. His guru who was also present cautioned him not to transgress ethi dharma by displaying knowledge unasked by the participants. Sri Mouna Swami received this caution from his Guru there it may develop ego in ones own mind. Swami who took this in the right perspective took a vow that he will not speak and observe silence (Mouna) for life as a direct consequence of wastefully using his tongue. That is how Swami was known as Mouna Swami. By observing Silence his yogic power increased multifold.

Mouna swami during his lifetime exhibited yogic powers by bringing dead person to life, converting kerosene to ghee, khandayogam (detaching organs like limbs, arms from the body during the night time and reassembling before sunrise), Dhoutiyogam (drawing once large intestine and small intestine outside and washing them at the well in open space swallowing after wash) etc…. These were some of the yogic powers shown by swami.

Anekatrastithi: Appearing in different and distant places in the same time. Swami during his lifetime has reached places, which is impossible even to reach by a jet plane.

Sankalpa (thought force): During construction of the mutt, Swami never operated from personnel cash or from bank account. For paying the weekend bills incurred during construction he used to make a gesture to dig at the foot of a tree or foundation of a structure. To the surprise of all exact amounts will be found i.e. no pie extra or short to make the payment.

Shishyas believed that Mouna Swami knows alchemy and makes gold out of raw metal. Shishyas asked swami for presenting gold idols for their worship. Swami instantly produced two gold idols to two of his prominent devotees. These idols are there in the Mutt, since devotees could not retain them.

Swami knows his Samadhi day several years ahead of the event. Even after his samadhi there is authenticated evidence with record that he rose from samadhi, assumed human body appeared in Santhome of Madras and had a dialogue physically with S.A.A.Ramaiah, 2nd Son of Annamalai Chettiar a wealthy person of chettinadu village in Tamilnadu. He was suffering with bone TB and was bed ridden over a period of six years. He was unfit for mundane life. Mouna swami gave an herb to him, which he consumed on 7/3/1952. This incident took place ten years after swami’s Samadhi. He was cured of the disease within one month. He not only became hale and healthy but also became an international figure known as “Yogi Ramaiah”. Yogi Ramaiah had established innumerable yoga centers all over the world. He is aged 78 years and is still alive. This episode was published in Montreal, Canada in a book titled (Babaji & Eighteen Sidha Kriya Yogas). Devotees still believe that Mouna Swami Speaks & Blesses from his Samadhi in Courttalam.

Composite Madras British Governor from Britain Lord Pentland & J.C. Meloni I.C.S who was member in governor’s council were devotees of Mouna Swami. Mr. Meloni & Lord Pentland though Christian by birth used to send money from London. Nearly forty visitors visited peetham from London. They came to meet Mouna Swami every month for pujas and to offer their Pranams. Food of south Indian Style was under preparation to feed about 2000 people in connection with a religious function. Swami directed his organizers to provide lunch for the foreign visitors. The organizers were on a dilemma, as the visitors cannot relish south Indian food. They were on a puzzle as to what to do how to arrange western style lunch. Organizers were looking to infinity exhibiting their inability to arrange western style of lunch. Swami suddenly got up from his seat and welcomed all foreign visitors to a four-room tenement, which was lying vacant. Swami touched the door and the doors were open where to the astonishment of all western style of lunch was ready, Served on tables with tablecloth, Crockery, Cutlery, bread and toast.

Jamindar of Sethu village was suffering with dreaded incorrigible disease, which disfigured him. He was brought before Mouna swami. Swami plucked a leaf from a plant nearby and directed jamindar to swallow the leaf. The disease was miraculously cured and he got back his natural figure.

Leelas exhibited by Swami are innumerable and any number of volumes can be written. Such was the yogic Power of Mouna Swami.

Founder Jagadguru Sri Sivachitanand Saraswathi swami and Mouna swami attained Siddhi (Samadhi) on 28-12-1943.
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